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For breakfast, lunch or a snack and coffee we strongly recommend Black Rabbit Kitchen and Bar in Bannockburn.
Check them out on facebook.

OR if in Cromwell Taste Cafe at 2 McNulty Rd, Cromwell

Check out “Bannockburn Hotel NZ” on facebook.
or their website: for hotel accommodation, functions and more in Cromwell for a superb Gold Mining experience near Bannockburn for motorcycle repairs and servicing in Cromwell – 19 Pinot Noir Drive (behind Total Span) – Yamaha agents. for motorccycle things in the Central Otago area – Alexandra based – Suzuki agents for motorcycle things in the Central Otago area – Alexandra based – Honda agents for all your design and printing needs. if you need a motorcycle for the event or any other time. Queenstown pick up included for 2+ days hire. for all your signage needs in Cromwell for B&B accommodation in Bannockburn at the Hills of Gold BnB.

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This link was provided by Kyle aged 9 who was enrolled in a Summer Craft program in the USA. His volunteer teacher asked that we put it on our page, because he found our website while doing his project. Hi to Kyle form the Bike Week team in New Zealand.

Highlands Motorsport Park only a few kilometres from Bannockburn: check out

The ride around Highlands Motorsport Park during Bike Week 2013

The Woodstock Rally in 2018 is the weekend of 26-28th January, so you can attend on your way to Bike Week. It is on the West Coast of the South Island. It’s a stunning ride down SH6 to Bannockburn from this rally – take 5 days to enjoy the West Coast and stop over to see the glaciers, arriving at Bike Week on the Saturday.

The Vincent County Rally is the weekend following Bike Week – near Alexandra – only 30 minutes ride from Bannockburn.

Information about Cromwell, only 5 minutes ride from Base Camp at the Bannockburn Hotel:

Information on Central Otago: